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     Pachmarhi is Madhya Pradesh's most verdant jewel,a place where nature has found exquisite expression in myriad enchanting ways. Deep azure pools are hidden  delights, and everywhere wildlife watchers will be rewarded by fascinating glimpses of the animal and bird kingdoms.

 Pachmarhi is also an archaeological treasure-house. In cave shelters in the Mahadeo Hills is an astonishing richness in rock paintings. Most of these have been placed in periods 500-800 AD , but the earliest paintings are an estimated 10,000 years old. The old cottages, meticulously maintained by the Military Engineering Services, have changed little since the days of Kipling.

What to See....

Priyadarshini (Forsyth Point) : This vantage viewing point marks the place from where Pachmarhi was discovered by Captain Forsyth in 1857. The British developed Pachmarhi as a resort and their influence is embodied in it's churches and colonial architecture.There is an awesome view of chauragarh temple from this point.

forsyth point
Jamuna Prapat (Bee Fall) : A spectacular fall in the stream which provides drinking water to Pachmarhi. The bathing pools above the fall are very popular. 

bee fall
Handi Khoh : Pachmarhi's most impressive ravine has a 300 feet high precipice and dramatically steep sides. This valley also looks like india's half map.

Valley of Handi Khoh
Apsara Vihar (Fairy Pool) : Easily accessible from Jai Stambh, this fairy pool is an ideal picnic spot for families with small chidren, since the pool is shallow, deepening only towards the base of the fall.

Rajat Prapat (Big Fall) : Those seeking adventure will find it in this 10 minute walk over rocks and boulders from Apsara Vihar to top of Rajat Prapat. It is so adventurous one should definitely visit this place when going to Pachmarhi.

Big Fall
Chhota Mahadeo : Revered as a sacred spot, this is a narrow point in the valley with rocks over hanging a stream and a small spring from which water cascades down.This is also known as gupt mahadeo and there is a lot of darkness inside.

chhota mahadeo
Chauragarh : 4 kms from mahadeo, it is one of Satpuras prominent landmarks and the sacred summit is crowned with emblems of Mahadeo worship.Here ot of people come along with their tridents [trishul] and therefore this temple's fencing is almost of those tridents. To visit this temple we need to climb the mountain for near about 4 to 5 hours.

Chauragarh Temple view
Chauragarh Temple
Jata Shankar : A sacred cave under a mass of loose boulders in which the Jambu dweep stream has its source. A rocky formation of this place resembles the matted locks of Lord Shiva.Here many of the rocks have taken shapes of different gods such as ganesh , hanuman etc.

statue of shankar at Jata Shankar
cave at Jata Shankar
Dhoopgarh : The highest point in the Satpura range, with a magnificent view of the surrounding ranges.A very popular spot for viewing sunrise and sunset.This is the best place for visiting while sunset as it is clearly visible and is better than sunrise.

Sunset from Dhoopgarh point
Pandav Cave
Pandav Caves : Five ancient dwellings excavated in the sandstone rock in a low hill. Pachmarhi derives its name from these caves which, as legend goes, once provided sheter to the five Pandav brothers. These caves are now protected monuments.Every pandav's one different cave is present here.

              During the Pachmarhi Utsav there is a proper arrangement of tents too.Just like AMALTAS many other facilitated tents were there like CHAMPAK , GLEN VIEW , SATPURA and many more.
AMALTAS tents where I resided
                Apart from all those visiting sites, Pachmarhi also has many other adventures such as Para sailing, Bungee Jumping , Hot air Balloon, ATV bike ride n many more activities. Para sailing was a great experience, one should definitely try para sailing here as their is a big helipad where they take us for para sailing.
Me riding the ATV Bike

How to reach...

By air : The nearest airport is Bhopal (210 kms.).

By Rail : Pipariya (57kms) 

By Road : Pachmarhi is connected by regular bus service with Bhopal, Nagpur, Pipariya and Chhindwara. 

Best season : Throughout the year.

Your Host : M.P. State Tourism Development Corporation operates 9 units in Pachmarhi which cater to the requirements of all income groups. While Rock End Manor, Glen View, Satpura retreat, Champak Bungalow